A completely new site or just a revamp

From initial ideas, to website design, to development, we work to achieve fast, engaging, functional and accessible sites to give you effective online presence that meets your needs. All our bespoke websites are built to current protocols and standards as well as intergral search engine optimisation.

Questions to get you thinking

  1. 1.What is the main objective of your site? In other words, why would visitors use the site? To access information, to buy products?

  2. 2.Who are your visitors / customers?

  3. 3.Are there any existing brand guidelines we need to know? For example, colours, imagery styles, fonts, etc.

  4. 4.Using single word adjectives, how would you describe your organisation / company? For example, ‘professional’, ‘informative’,  ‘approachable’, ‘smart’, ‘innovative’, ‘focused’.

  5. 5.Give us some examples of sites you like and why you like them.

  6. 6.How many pages will you need for your site?

  7. 7.How often will you need to update the site and why?

  8. 8.To think about using search engines to market your site and other areas of marketing in order to promote the site.

  9. 9.In addition to the website, will there be any print requirements? For example, leaflets, brochures, posters or banners?

  10. 10. Do you have a budget we need to work to?

  11. 11. Do you have a specific deadline for the site to go live?

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